60-second lessons

I thought it might be a fun challenge to create a series of über-short videos that clearly and efficiently cover a wide range of topics for you, my fellow guitarists. These are topics that have either come up in lessons over the years or simply things I feel might be helpful to players of any level.

You’ll find subjects ranging from Technique to Theory to Career Advice to whatever.
There will definitely be a more classical guitar slant on these, but hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

You may ask, why am I doing this to myself? Am I an idiot? A masochist?
Ha! I leave that for you to decide.
But 60 seconds to explain some pretty heady stuff will no doubt help my own studio teaching. So why not!?
Besides, I once composed music like this as an exercise and found it to be remarkably productive and fun, so I hope you do too!

I’ll try to post one video per week for as long as I can.



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