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60-second lessons

I thought it might be a fun challenge to create a series of über-short videos that clearly and efficiently cover a wide range of topics for you, my fellow guitarists. These are topics that have either come up in lessons over the years or simply things I feel might be helpful to players of any level.

You’ll find subjects ranging from Technique to Theory to Career Advice to whatever.
There will definitely be a more classical guitar slant on these, but hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

You may ask, why am I doing this to myself? Am I an idiot? A masochist?
Ha! I leave that for you to decide.
But 60 seconds to explain some pretty heady stuff will no doubt help my own studio teaching. So why not!?
Besides, I once composed music like this as an exercise and found it to be remarkably productive and fun, so I hope you do too!

I’ll try to post one video per week for as long as I can.


2013 GFA

Just returned home from the GFA Festival in Louisville, KY.
Had such a great time!

Highlights for me were definitely the world premiere of my piece “Ignes Fatui” by the Tantalus Quartet, performing at the Bruce Holzman Tribute Concert (being in the Green Room before the show was overwhelming in itself–check out the pic below), and playing Gerald Garcia’s new concerto for quartet and guitar orchestra (more on this at a later date!)
Got to catch up with many old friends and meet many new ones.

And now I’m happy to be home chillin’ with my family.


GFA 2013

GFA 2013

2013 GFA Festival Pics